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About Us

Pod & Pea Ltd is a family-run business based in Sheffield, UK that started when our first daughter was born in 2013. I have always loved unique prints, vintage dresses and anything with an individual twist. When I became a new mum, I struggled to find anything ‘me’ in the breastfeeding clothing ranges out there. This was the major inspiration behind our Pod & Pea dress range: to bring creativity to breastfeeding clothing.

Having a breastfeeding dress you genuinely love is the key to feeling confident when your body has gone through a huge transformation and you are striving to feel like yourself again. Pod & Pea dresses give you the freedom to continue wearing classic dress shapes combined with fabulous prints that will have everyone wanting one. What’s more, our dresses are so discreet that you will wear them even after your breastfeeding journey has ended!

Our Values

At Pod & Pea we believe in fair wages, good working conditions and working with local talents to produce high quality garments. All our Pod & Pea brand dresses are designed in-house in Sheffield and made at a local small production manufacturer. We check in regularly on production and work closely with the manufacturer from start to finish. That way we know our clothing is being produced ethically and to a high standard.

We agree that ‘fast fashion’ has a negative impact on the environment. At Pod & Pea we don’t produce high volumes of clothing overseas, we keep production levels small and local. This reduces our waste and our carbon footprint. This gives you a dress that is special and not mass produced. We hope to move towards even more environmentally friendly production methods in the future.

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