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Breastfeeding Dresses

Our Pod & Pea breastfeeding dresses use innovative tailoring combined with beautiful prints that you’ll love to wear time and time again.

The discreet openings for nursing are so subtle you can continue to enjoy wearing Pod & Pea dresses even after your breastfeeding journey ends!

Our dresses are designed for nursing mums looking for breastfeeding occasion wear for weddings and formal functions as well as every day wear that gives you the feeling of keeping your individual style.

Made in the UK

We pride ourselves on using an ethically sound UK manufacturer to ensure you have a quality item of clothing made by a clothing production team who take home the wage they deserve for their skills and time.


We just love the Num Num Teething Necklace range, so we have selected the colour-ways that complement each of our Pod & Pea breastfeeding dress prints.

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